Poem: Rest In Peace

Wouldn’t say that I’m religious
Couldn’t say that I’m superstitious
But I’m praying, begging, God please
Can’t you see that I’m on my knees
Need a chance to be in your arms
Away from all and every harm
I say I’m fine but I’m not alright
Because you’re not here to hold me tight
You’re not here to dry my eyes anymore
My life can never be the same as it was before
If I had the choice to give it all up to have you back here,
To have you hold me near
Then that’s exactly what I’d do
I may sound selfish but I need you
If I can’t have you, then can I have my own wings
Just to see you for a day, you see these tears they sting
I’m useless on my own,
My life is meant to be with you, not alone
I just wish I could look up and see
You looking back at me
You’ve got your halo now
But forgetting you isn’t something my heart could allow
You were my world and you still are
The only difference is your not here,
But instead you’re lighting up the sky as my star

You’re forever in my memories, always in my heart
Never did I think that we would be apart
Thought it would be impossible for my love for you to increase
But please don’t worry about me just rest in peace.

  • Stacey xo

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