Poem: Forever An Addict

You drive me mad with temptations
Sending my mind crazy with hallucinations
The driving force to my day to day existence
I try not to but every time I have to give into your persistence
I’m trying to forget about you, scratching at my skin
I don’t want to let you in
But your there, I’m yearning for your buzz
Once you’re in, you help me forget it all becomes a haze surrounded in a cloudy fuzz
I don’t want you but I need you
It’s like you’re inside my head, you’re reading my mind, you knew
I need to end this cycle, I need to get out of this rhythm
I don’t want you, I want my freedom
But I need you, where have you gone
It was only an hour ago, but it feels so long
I need you yet again
But you lost me my home evicted by the councilmen
I’m homeless, got nowhere to go
I only took you once, then… I just don’t know
I just needed you inside me
Like on my own I couldn’t be free
Look at my life now
You weren’t a bulldozer you were a plough
Turned my whole life upside down day by day
I was on the straight and narrow but you told me to stray
Now it’s time to get back
Even though you put everything I once had under attack
I’m going to build it all up, but you won’t knock it down again
Forever an addict, but I’ll fight it… amen

Stacey xo

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