Poem: I Wish I Knew

I’m standing on this rooftop
Trying to figure out how I can stop,
People having to stop dreaming,
People having to stop believing
How can I make a difference
How can I help those suffering in silence
What about those losing a loved one
What about those who have died before their life even begun
I see so many smiles that are disappearing
So many hateful words I keep hearing
What about those fighting for everyone
What about those without anyone
Fathers, Mothers,
Sisters, Brothers
Families torn apart
What do we do for those who can’t have a fresh start
How about those with people in the sky
What about those who didn’t have the chance to say goodbye

What do we do when praying isn’t enough
What do we do when it all gets too tough
What do we do?

…I wish I knew…

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