Poem: Love Is Overrated

Love is overrated
In the end it’s only your feelings that will be obliterated
My feelings are left stranded at the door
Yet I’m still left wanting more
I can’t get it into my head
That what we had began and ended in your bed
You’re turning me into a whore
Because our love is becoming a chore
I might well be poor
It was your love that I needed to make me rich
Go ahead, keep cursing my name
We both know that won’t make me your bitch
Sleeping around is how you got your fame
But somehow I got it into my head that your soul I would be able to tame
I’m working day and night
To reach a new height
Each day the bar is raised
All I’m asking for is some praise
I need a wish, I’m on my knees ready to prey
Hoping that tomorrow will be my day

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