Poem: Dreamer Part 2

Just last night I was laying awake thinking about the dream I should have been dreaming
The people I wish I could stop from screaming
So many lose their lives
Fighting to save you and I
What about their husbands and wives
What about the children with parents in the sky
They say it has to get worse before it gets better
Would you say that to a mother reading that unforgettable letter
The world is filled with so much pain
And  yet we still moan and complain
Our lives are so easy compared to so many others
Like those without sisters and  brothers, fathers and mothers
Would you want someone to forget to donate?
If you didn’t have any food on your plate?
If you were a soldier contemplating your fate?
The world is a horrible place sometimes
So many people fall on hard times
But all I can do I pray they find a miracle so that can survive
And live another day in their lives
You see they’re fighting for you and me
So that we can be whatever we want to be
They’re giving their lives
So spend a minute, think about those who didn’t survive
Cause they’re doing it for us
Not for some sort of a buzz
They are our pride
We shouldn’t have anything to hide
It’s time we gave a thought to all the families
And forgot about all of the controversies
Let’s support them in what they need to do
Remember it’s for me and you

What do you think?

– Esjae x

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