Poem: We Will Always Have Yesterday But Never Tomorrow

I wait for the night time
To see you star in the night sky
And when it’s time for sunrise
I have to say yet another goodbye
At least I can stand here by your grave side
To talk about the memories we made
And the lives that you have saved
I can look back to yesterday
And I can be angry that you weren’t able to stay
But I’m reminded of the future you have given all of us
Even though you won’t be returning on that army bus

You have done so much for so many
So many that won’t even know your name
So many who will live their lives just the same
But for me I’ll be living, holding on to our,
Private dreams and past memories
Staring at your treasured star
Taken from me fighting our countries enemies

We will always have yesterday
But we will never have tomorrow
I’ll be thankful for everyday
Even though I’m filled with this sorrow


What do you think?

-Esjae x

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