Poem: A Father’s Promise

Babies crying all around
Off to sleep they go
No one daring to make a sound
Nappies, clothes and toys
Gifts for all the new girls and boys
Helium balloons and teddy bears
Presents from a proud father to show he cares
About his child so small
Whispering in its ear
‘If only your grandparents where here
They’d shed a tear
But they’re looking down on you now
And trust me, I know they are so so proud
Not only today but of who you will be
Whether you’re like your mother or me
None of us can wait to see
You have my nose and eyes
And your mothers beautiful smile
But we have the greatest gift that we could ever receive
And I promise you, I’ll never leave.’

What do you think? I tried to get inside the mind of a new father, and being a woman this is a hard task – do you think I achieved it?

– Esjae x

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