Easter so far!

I only have until Saturday until I return back to Bournemouth from Cambridge and I’m currently recovering from some sort of bug that I got yesterday which meant I wasn’t allowed to go to work.

So far my Easter holidays have been pretty crazy!

On the first night back I went to the pub with my Mum, Tasha and Debbie (my Auntie who I often refer to as Debster). That evening was filled with playing pool, dancing and singing to the jukebox. All in all it was a good evening.

Mum & Me

Me and Tasha

Me and Me

Me trying to get a picture of Me and Debster

Action shot of Mum playing pool

Another action shot of Mum playing pool

Tasha and her J2O

Sneaky shot of Mum

Sneaky shot of Debbie

Me 🙂

 For Easter my Mum and Dad got us two eggs each, Alfie thought I would be sharing mine – which I didn’t!

My parents went away for the first week of the holiday and so Tasha had bought loads of different food for us to have.

The first night was Chinese, as you can see Aaron was excited by this!


On my first proper day off from both uni and work I met up with some friends in town and we went to pizza hut, bowling and also did a little bit of karaoke.

Laura, Abi and Alexi’s team dance.

Mel and Tom

Abi, Laura, Tom and Mel

Me, Tom and George

Fred, George and Tom

Me and George doing karaoke

Me and George – quick break from karaoke

The karaoke crew (minus George) – Fred, Alexi, Abi, Me and Tom

After work I have found myself to be very tired and have often crashed out on the sofa and a on a few nights Alfie has joined me:

As a result of working so much I decided to take my assignment with my to work and to go in early to get some of it done, thankfully it was a sunny day!

 I also went to Nando’s with Bethany on Thursday for lunch and we had a really good catch up.

It has actually been quite weird to be so busy during the holidays, I think part of the reason why I may have become ill was as a result of being so tired.

I’m looking forward to going back to Bournemouth on Saturday and getting back into my more chilled out life.

– Stacey xo

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