Poem: No Matter

Okay, I’ve tried to write a poem all day and I’ve been getting frustrated at the fact I couldn’t write anything I liked – this is what I have ended up with:

No Matter

No matter where I turn
There is always something new I have to learn
Sometimes I feel so alienated
But then that makes me become even more motivated

I want to prove to everyone that I can
No matter which side of the fence they stand
Whether they have always believed in me
Or if they have hated me and everything I’ve wanted to be

I’ll always want to see everyone else smile
Before I can, as that’s what makes me feel worthwhile
I want to put everyone else first before me
As its their happiness I want to see

I’ve always believed, if you don’t try you never will
But even still
If you try and can’t succeed the first time
Remember, ‘Quitters don’t win’ before you resign

– Esjae xo

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