Poem: To Those…

To those with no food on their plates
To those who think that they have no mates
To those who think they shouldn’t eat
To those who simply want to concede defeat

To those addicted to some kind of substance
To those who feel as though there is no purpose to their existence
To those who felt abandoned from birth
To those who feel as though they have no self worth

To those with no roof over their head
To those who don’t know when they will next be fed
To those who think they would be better off dead
To those who were forced to wed

You are not alone
Just because you battle silently doesn’t mean that we don’t know
Just because to us you have no name
Doesn’t mean that you should feel ashamed
Or feel as though your life is, in the slightest, a little bit lame

There are so many people in this world fighting their battles alone
People who have been cast aside with no chance to grow
Why can’t we give another the slightest bit of hope
The smallest hint that they are able to cope

A simple smile when you pass a stranger in town
Could be the remedy to lift their troubled frown

– Stacey xo

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