Poem: She

She’s like chocolate on a rainy day
She’s the words I can’t say
She’s the comfort in the dark
She’s the long walks in the park
She’s the hand I want to hold
She’s the one who holds the secrets I’ve never told
She’s the future in my present
She’s the one who makes me content
She’s the laughter in my eyes
She’s the comfort when I can’t help but cry
She’s the smile on my face
She’s the one who puts me in a happy place
She’s my perfect kiss
She’s the one I never want to miss
She’s the one I want by my side
She’s the one in whom I can always confide
She’s the one whose love I never want to hide
She’s the one who makes everything fun
She’s the one who I wake up next to in the morning sun
She’s everything I have ever asked for
She’s the one I’ll always adore

– Stacey xo

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