Poem: Sometimes I Might

I’m gonna put a smile on my face
Otherwise I’ll look like I’m in a distant place
Experiencing things I’ll never forget
Related to someone I wish I never met
But deep inside something tells me to keep going
Deep inside something tells me to keep growing

Sometimes I might seem like a closed book
Sometimes when you talk I might not be able to look
I might feel uncomfortable in a room full of people
I don’t want to be treated differently, we’re simply equal
I might fidget when I talk about topics that don’t come naturally
I might have hard days but they only last temporarily
Sometimes I might want to bolt straight out of the door
But I am a person, nothing less and nothing more

I am not defined by the things that have happened to me
I am me, the person I want to be
The person standing in front of you that you can see.

– Stacey xo

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