Happy Birthday Grandad

Having never lost a close relative before I didn’t know how I was going to feel around my Grandad’s birthday this year. The first birthday of his where he wouldn’t be around to celebrate since passing away at the end of last year.

It felt strange not buying him a birthday card, phoning him on the morning of his birthday.

The day before his birthday it was almost like a another realisation that he isn’t here anymore. I felt kind of lost. It felt like I should have been doing something for his birthday but I didn’t know what.

I decided that the best way to deal with it would be to keep busy and distract myself from it.

My Grandad was the core of my family, he led by example and taught us all many things that we will never forget. He left us with memories and stories to tell. He left us as the person I hope to be, happy, positive, supportive, funny, caring, thoughtful – all the things a person should be.

I miss him.
I miss the jokes he would tell.
I miss the stories he would tell.
I miss his presence at family events.

Stacey xo

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