Starting the Gym

I originally made going to the gym a new year resolution, but it didn’t work out – what a surprise!

Well that was until a week a go. Now I have officially been going to the gym for a week! If you had asked me a week ago if I thought I would have been able to make this commitment I would have said yes but honestly I should have been saying no.

So how have I managed to keep going?

I finally want to get fit and healthy for me. Not for anyone else or because anyone else is telling me I should but because I think I should.

I think that is where the change has needed to come from ME.

Only a week in and I’m already starting to see changes in more than just my weight. My depression is a lot better, I’m sleeping better and I’m just generally starting to feel better in myself.

I am glad I have started and really want to keep this up so if anyone has any tips on nutrition, fitness or gym related then let me know!


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