Matching Tattoos

I mentioned a few days ago that I would post about my trip to Cambridge for Mother’s Day – now obviously seeing as the journey is quite long I went for a little bit longer than just the day.

I set off on the 21st March a little bit hungover and worse for wear, my bus was super early around 7 am so I only actually got a couple of hours sleep & I am pretty sure I was still a little bit drunk from the night before (bad move Stacey!). Bev had made me a packed lunch (life saver) which ended up being more breakfast than lunch but definitely helped with my hangover on the journey! I pretty much slept my whole way through from Cardiff to Cambridge.

I was in Cambridge for about a week and spent the time catching up with my family. I went for lunch with my Granny & Grandpa in one of the local garden centres.

I also helped my parents with taking my Nan shopping and also went for lunch with them.

I got a matching tattoo with my Mum which was in fact my present to her for Mother’s Day. I came up with the original idea as it is something we used to (and sometimes still do) say to each other when I was little – ‘I love you to the moon and back’. Although my Mum found the final design. We got the tattoos done at a place called Blood of Angels both my Mum and Dad have had tattoos done their before so I knew we were in safe hands.


I finished the week off with a trip to the cinema with my sister and her friend Emma where we saw Beauty and the Beast (you can read more about what I thought of Beaut and the Beast here) and then went for food at a place called Nines.

I had a really chilled week in Cambridge and definitely came back feeling refreshed and 20 stone heavier from all the food!

Stacey x

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