Moving House, Food and Trampolines

I have had a full weekend off from work which has been great.. and very needed!

I started my weekend off by helping my friend Rachel move house. I ended up being designated child duty – which being a big child myself makes the task very easy!

I also made steak for everyone – which if I do say so myself was a success.

I put a bunk bed together which was like a huge puzzle and a work out all in one.

Sunday was finished off by having a Nandos with Annie and then a cider in a pub garden.

Then today (Monday) we went for a carvery – you can’t beat a roast dinner no matter when you have it, then finished the day off in Go Air killing ourselves off on trampolines which was a lot of fun, and I have now gained a nice bright pair of socks!

Back to work for the rest of the week now and then I am off to Cambridge to visit my family and venture off to Norfolk in a boat…

Stacey xo


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