Poem – Welcome to September

Welcome to September
Where we start to see a change in the weather
The leaves fall from the trees
And people complain about the cooler breeze
Even though there is still the last of the summer sun
There are signs everywhere that autumn has just begun
It comes around faster each year
But it makes me happier when it does appear
Crisp cold mornings
Winters early warning
Pumpkin recipes
Scarfs replace the summer accessories
Sweatshirts replace short sleeves
Walking on crunching leaves
As Spiders spin their webs
People complain about leaving their beds
Your breath can be seen but makes no sound
Conkers fall to the ground
And everything is changing from green
To orange and brown
People clutching hot drinks walking around town
Some will be sad to see summer go
Others will be pleased to see the signs of autumn as they begin to show

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