Throwback Thursday: Norfolk Broads 2018

This isn’t very much of a throwback and I intended to blog the whole time we were away but I ended up enjoying the week way too much to be able to spend time writing anything.

So last year my parents took me with them to the Norfolk Broads on a boat which they hired from Richardsons we had such a good time that before I left Cambridge my dad had already booked the boat for this year!

I have always enjoyed being outside ever since I was little so I really enjoyed being on the boat last year and was looking forward to getting back on it again this year.

I think you could explore the Norfolk Broads time and time again and still enjoy it! We went the week before the schools had half term which mean everything was a lot quieter than it would have been the following week. It also meant taking photos and finding places to moor the boat at night was a little bit easier!

Luckily we didn’t have any rainy days so we were able to have the roof of the boat open as well as get off and explore a few of the sights along the way;

On Monday we drove down to the boat which was in Stalham, we had a few issues as we were meant to drive down in the camper van however after my Dad discovered there was a petrol leak on it we had to transfer everything across to the car! Once we arrived in Stalham and my Dad had done all of the necessary things – collecting paperwork, lifejackets, and being shown all the important bits on the boat – we were unloaded everything out of the car and on to the boat for the week. After we had unpacked everything we went to Tescos to grab more snacks, food and a few other necessities. We were then able to set off towards our stop for the night called How Hill. Once we arrived there we got off and had a little walk around to explore.

On Tuesday we left How Hill and travelled towards Ludham Bridge where we stopped to fill up with water. Once we had refilled the water tank we carried on towards our next stop which was St Benets Abbey, I had managed to get a few photos of it from the boat last year but we decided to get off and have a proper look this time. Seeing the ruins up close was pretty impressive, especially seeing how big the Abbey would have been from the ruins and signs explaining everything. Our final stop of the day was Great Yarmouth, we managed to arrive early enough to get off and have a look around, get some fish and chips and sit on the beach for a bit.

On Wednesday we headed towards the New Inn in Rocklands St Marys to have lunch, the steak was amazing – I don’t think I have ever seen a plate of food that big! After we had lunch we went on the hunt for the village and the local shop however we went in completely the wrong direction so we went back to the boat. The rest of the afternoon we travelled towards where we were going to moor for the night at Brammerton Common.

On Thursday we continued further down the Broads as we wanted to have a look around Norwich where we spent most of the day. We had a look around the market, saw Norwich castle and restocked with more snacks before heading back to the boat. This was when we started heading back towards the marina as we had to return the boat on Monday. We spent the night at the Reedcutter Inn – I think this is possibly the quietest pub I have ever seen!

On Friday we had to time our journey right with the tides so we could make it back to Yarmouth. We managed to get back to Yarmouth quite early on in the afternoon so we went for a walk around the town and did a little bit of shopping (I managed to acquire a couple of Hawaiian shirts and a captains hat) and then we ordered a Chinese which got delivered to the boat station we were staying at!

On Saturday we left Yarmouth to go to Stracey Arms Mill which is actually one of my favourite places we visited last year, it has nothing to do with the fact the name of the place has a similar name to me! We got off, had a look around the little shop and had some lunch while we were moored up here. We then carried on a little bit further up to Accle Bridge Inn to moor up for the night, we arrived here just after midday so we had a little walk to the shop before returning to the boat to relax for a bit before having dinner in the pub. The food here was also really good plus we got served quickly even though it was really busy!

Sunday was our final day on the boat so we made the most of it having a look around the Broad before spending the night in the marina ready to hand the boat back first thing on Monday.

I spent a bit of time driving the boat this year (after wrestling my dad out of the captains chair) which persuaded me to hire my own boat for next year! I am already looking forward to becoming a Captain full time and showing my Dad how its done!

Here is a little video I put together from this year…

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