One of the things I wanted to do more of this year is exploring different places a bit more. So when Marysia suggested going to Tenby on our day off together I thought it was a great idea especially with the weather being so hot!

I got the train to Swansea where I met Marysia and she drove us to Tenby it wasn’t really a particularly long journey and it went by quite quickly. After realising the parking required change and a little bit of a stress over that we were able to get out and explore!


It was definitely lunch time by the time we arrived so we made a bee line for somewhere to eat and we ended up in Fecci’s for fish and chips although neither of us ended up having fish and chips.


Once we had eaten we spent some time at the beach we had a walk around the town took a few photos before heading back to the car to top up the parking so it would last us till we left.

After spending a bit of time people watching on the beach – the seagulls are pretty ruthless and stole a lady’s ice cream, we headed back towards the town and got ourselves an ice cream from the ice cream parlour owned by the same people who own the fish and chip shop we went to for lunch. The ice creams we had were amazing!


We finished up our day walking up to the harbour and taking a few more photos there before heading home.

I really enjoyed our day in Tenby and am already looking forward to going back at some point, it’s a really nice little seaside town that reminded me of the places we used to go to with my parents when we were younger.


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