Spotify Wrapped 2018

I’m a big lover of Spotify and post my monthly playlists here. Mainly because I like to see how my music taste changes over the years.

Every year Spotify release your yearly stats and I always look forward to seeing what my most played songs and artists are.

I’m surprised my top genre is Pop for this year as I’ve mainly been listening to country music!

I thought I had spent more time listening to music than this so I was surprised when I saw that figure as I listening to music every day to and from work/ pretty much whenever I am out of the house.

Have you had a look at your Spotify Wrapped? Was there anything that surprised you?


  1. I don’t use Spotify but it’s fun you can see how long you’ve listened & your top genre & artists. My top genre would probably be pop too since I normally listen to the trending songs in this Danish music app I use.


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