Self Care Sunday: My Brain Book

It’s been a while since I wrote a ‘Self Care Sunday’ post. Originally I was trying to steer away from ‘themed’ posts but in some ways I like the structure. So while we are finding our feet again I’m just going to wing it!

I always find myself acquiring new notebooks whether it is as a result of Christmas, my birthday, another occasion or I have just come across one which I like the cover of.

A few years ago when I first started my counselling my counsellor suggested that I create a ‘Brain Book’. The idea of this book is a place that I can dump my thoughts and feelings whatever they are without worrying about how someone would react to them. Sometimes it would be a generic diary entry, other times it could be a list, song lyrics or even some doodles. It can literally be whatever I want to put in it.

I have had several ‘Brain Books’ since my first one and have decided to start this back up again this year as it really helps with my mental health and keeping a track of how I feel and when.

I’m excited to start filling this notebook up particularly as it is Harry Potter themed.

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