Expecting Too Much

Today I took myself on a little walk to think about a few things and just generally just clear my head a little bit.

I’ve realised that I keep burning out and getting ‘bogged’ down by life because I keep setting the bar too high for myself and in turn feeling deflated and as though I have let myself and other people around me down because I am expecting too much from myself.

One place where I regularly do this and find I have failed is here on this blog. I always start off the year with massive plans to write posts almost every day. Which isn’t achievable and I know I won’t be able to sustain for a long period of time. I end up getting over whelmed and feel as though I will never be able to catch back up so I just stop doing it. I’m trying to change this way of thinking and making the ‘workload’ more manageable.

I’m also trying to translate this way of thinking across to other areas of my life. I have stopped comparing where I am at in my life to other peoples and started celebrating my own successes even if they appear much smaller than what other people are currently achieving.

I’m becoming more realistic and whilst it is good to dream big it is also important to remain realistic. Also, don’t forget that you’re doing a good job even if it doesn’t seem like that big of a deal…. Sometimes the smallest victories are the biggest step towards the end goal.

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