Charity Tuesday: It Begins Now

I keep finding reasons on why I shouldn’t start my training, or I keep changing the milestone and saying I’ll start it after this event or that holiday. The problem is the more I do this… the closer we will get to Brighton Marathon and I won’t have completed any training with a possibility of being in even worse shape than I am now.

So on Saturday I decided that I need to stop putting it all off. I need to lace up my trainers and just get outside. Once I have bitten that first bullet then the rest should come naturally straight after… well that is the theory anyways. I decided the first step would be to have a look through all of the information I have been sent so far and start coming up with a plan of action for training and fundraising for Cancer Research UK.

It begins now

I have also decided that I am going to be posting a weekly post here to update those who want to keep up to date with my training and also my fundraising. You will see these on a Tuesday and will be part of a new mini series called ‘Charity Tuesday’. I started doing this when I was training for the London Marathon and it helped me to keep focused on training as I knew I needed to report what I was getting up to and how it was all going. If there is anything in particular you would like to see here please let me know!

I know I am going to have to make changes to many aspects of my lifestyle but I know the end result will be worth it. One of the main areas I will need to focus on changing and improving is definitely my diet so that my body gets the right nutrition in order to be able to train properly.

I know that I am going away to Poland a week on Friday so it may be difficult to train and keep stay eating healthy whilst I am there. However this isn’t going to put me off and I am still going to keep trying to make the right changes and choices along the way, I guess a small step in the right direction is better than not taking any step at all!

Hopefully I will see you all back here next week and I will let you know how the first week of training has gone!

If you would like to sponsor me for the Brighton Marathon 2020 which I am running for Caner Research UK in memory of my Grandad and my Granny you can do so here: any donation will be gratefully received.

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