Throwback Thursday: Day 2 in Krakow, Poland

Welcome back to another throwback Thursday post and we are going to pick up where we left off last week where I shared the first day of our holiday in Krakow, Poland.

Day 2 of Krakow, Poland (22nd June 2019)

Our second day started off with trying to find a Harry Potter themed café which Marysia’s Mum recommended to us called Dziorawy Kociol (The Leaky Cauldron). It took a little bit of searching and Google maps sending us around it what seemed like circles but eventually we spotted someone standing in the street with a Harry Potter scarf on, which was a little bit of a giveaway especially with how warm it was. The café was in the basement of the building it was in and was very well decorated to fit the Harry Potter theme. We both had an iced Butterbeer drink which was really refreshing. We also had chocolate and banana pierogi which was also really tasty and was good to try a sweet version of pierogi as opposed to the savory pierogi that I spent the week trying out!

After we left The Leaky Cauldron Marysia and I headed off to a few of the souvenir shops to see if we could pick up a few gifts to bring back with us. I found a soft toy version of Smok Wawelski, which is the famous dragon from Krakow, to add to my growing collection and a few magnets.

We spent the afternoon exploring Wawel castle on the top of Wawel Hill which is filled with lots of caves. Marysia and I went to explore the cave that was originally home to the Wawel Dragon which is also known as Smok Wawelski. According to the legend many knights were killed trying to slay the dragon who would eat the local sheep and maidens. The village ran our of virgins so the King promised his daughter to the person who could slay the dragon.  It wasn’t until a cobbler called Krak tricked the dragon into eating a sheep stuffed full of sulphur which ignited inside the dragon. The dragon then drank half of the river which caused his stomache to explode and the town was freed from the dragon. The cobbler, Krak, married the princess as the King has promised and then became King himself. The new King built his castle on the dragon’s lair and the people built a city around it and named the new city Krakow after the new King. It was amazing seeing the castle and the views from Wawel Hill as you could see for miles! I also enjoyed going down to the Dragons Den and seeing one of the caves inside Wawel Hill. [story credit]

That evening we stumbled across a festival in the Old Town which we watched for a little while before heading to a pub called Bania-Luka where I had some more pierogi.

As we were leaving, we watched some more of the festival and had some lody (ice cream).

When we got back to the apartment, we were able to watch the firework display that started as we got back for the night which was a great way to finish off our first full day in Krakow!

I will be posting day 3 of our Krakow adventures next Thursday at 6pm, so make sure you come back if you want to find out what else we got up to!


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