Seafood, Ice Cream and a Walk in the Park

Last weekend Marysia and I decided to check out a place neither of us had been to before. I had read an article on WalesOnline about The Seafood Hut in Mumbles which serves a variety of different dishes. After trying calamari for the first time a few weeks ago when we went to see the Lion King at the cinema, I wanted to try it again. I showed the article to Marysia and she was up for going to have a look and try a few things too.

We headed straight over to the Seafood Hut after Marysia picked me up from the station. We had a nice little walk down to it from the car park and luckily there wasn’t anyone in front of us in the queue. We each had a tray of calamari and we also got a tray of crispy chilli prawns to share.

The calamari were delicious however we were both surprised by how good the crispy chilli prawns were. They were accompanied by some chilli jam which we both also said was tasty.

I always enjoy watching the world go by and have a chat whilst we tucked into the food. I would really recommend going and trying their food particularly as it is so fresh!

Once we finished off the food we decided to walk down to Verdi’s, I hadn’t been there before and Marysia said that it was nice, so we decided to give it ago. We both got an ice cream and ate them. Just as we were finishing up, we realised the parking was going to be up soon so had to rush back to the car.

We then went back to Marysia’s before heading back out to pick up a few things we needed for our roast dinner the next day.

On Sunday I actually managed to get myself out of bed a lot earlier than usual. After I had had breakfast and a cup of tea I decided to take Boris out for a little walk around the village and then the park. He was definitely tired when we got back!

Once I was back from walking Boris I got on with making our roast dinner – seeing as it was the start of September and the weather was a little bit cooler I enjoyed the roast dinner that little bit more!

After we had our roast dinner I headed back to Cardiff ready for another week.

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