Throwback Thursday Norfolk Broads Day 6 & 7 – St Benets Abbey to Stalham

Our sixth day on the Broads was my last day being captain. This was also probably one of the most laid-back days we had exploring the broads.

We spent most of the morning going up and down the river as we didn’t have a destination in mind.

Towards the afternoon we made the decision to head to Richardson’s marina in Stalham so that Marysia and I could get on to my parents’ boat and explore some other parts of the river.

We explored a little more before getting back to the marina for the evening. Oh and I had another ice cream!

One the 7th Day it was our last full day with the boats however we left The Jollie Richie moored up in Stalham marina. This is because my Uncle Ivan and Auntie Angela came to visit us for the day. We mainly spent the day going across Barton Broads and up to How Hill before turning back and heading a long a similar journey before returning to the marina.

We then spent the evening on the boat having a catch up eating a Chinese takeaway. Luckily it wasn’t until that evening that we experienced any rain on our holiday!

The following day we handed our boat back to Richardson’s. I have to say I really enjoyed being able to take Marysia along to the broads with us and showing her one of my favourite places. I find going to the Norfolk Broads really relaxing and is just a peaceful place to take a break from everything.

We have booked a boat for next year already and this time we will be sharing it with my parents. I am already looking forward to going back and we will be exploring a part of the broads we haven’t yet been to!

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