Blogmas Day 5: My Top 3 Hot Chocolates

Every year there is a whole heap of new festive drinks to try. Now I am not a lover of coffee but I do enjoy a hot chocolate or two. So I thought what better excuse to have to go and sample the various different hot chocolate’s on offer than to make a blog post about my top 3. So here they are:

3rd Place: Costa’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate

I quite enjoyed this one and the mix of sweetness worked really well with the hot chocolate. I was quite surprised as I didn’t think I would particularly like it and because it surprised me it managed to get the 3rd place spot.

2nd Place: Starbuck’s Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

I really enjoyed this one, it made me feel warm and cosy. However it missed out on the top spot as I feel that even though it tasted like toasted marshmallow there was still a little bit of work to really capture the flavour.

1st Place: Gregg’s Mint Hot Chocolate

This was actually my first festive drink of the year and it set the bar quite high for the rest of them to live up to. I tasted like a melted after eight. I loved it. Plus I really love Gregg’s cups this year they’re brilliant!


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