Weekly Diary: 28th June – 4th July 2021 A Week With My Wife

Monday 28th June 2021

After saying goodbye to Marysia as she was off to work in the office, my day started with a cups of tea followed by a walk in the rain with Boris where he made a few friends with a couple of other dogs.

Once we got back I made myself some breakfast, before getting set up for work at Marysia’s desk as she wasn’t working from home I took the opportunity of her comfy desk chair!

The novelty of working a half day was definitely there and it felt like I blinked and my shift was over. Whilst I waited for Marysia to get home I did a little bit of my painting. Once Marysia got home I started cooking our dinner which was BBQ pork chops, salad and rice. We watched the football before heading to bed.

Tuesday 29th June 2021

We were up early, Marysia was working from home and asked me to go and get the electric to put on the meter so seeing as I was up early I went down the shop and did the top up. However, when I put the key in the meter it didn’t beep as it should and the display was blank. After trying to put the key in a few times I ended up ringing the supplier and it turns out the meter was dead and needs to be replaced. Although they don’t have any appointments to do that so will hopefully get it sorted in the next month. Fingers crossed it gets sorted out for Marysia soon!

Once that dilema was sorted I took Boris for a walk to the park, it was a bit cooler so the ideal temperature for him!

After the walk I set my painting up and carried on getting a bit more of it done.

My afternoon shift seemed to drag a little but seeing as it was only half a day, I haven’t got much to complain about! Plus I spoke to a few interesting people which is always good.

As soon as Marysia and I finished work we headed off to the shops as we had a few things we needed to get for lunch during the rest of the week. Then we came straight back home to make dinner and watch the England vs Germany Euro’s game. It was good to see England win!

After the first half of the next match I started to get quite tired so headed off to bed early.

Wednesday 30th July 2021

For some reason I woke up dead on half five this morning, I tried so sleep for an extra hour but I couldnt really get back to sleep properly. Once we were up, I had a cups of tea and some crumpets for breakfast before taking Boris out for a walk around the nature trail.

Once we got back from the walk I jumped in the shower to get ready for the day before my Mum rang me. I then spent the morning before work doing some painting. I am actually making some progress with my painting and think I might even get it done this week, if I dont’ it will be very close to being finished.

I then had 5 hours in work this afternoon which went by quite quickly and before I knew it I was finished. For dinner I made Marysia and I some fajitas where were really tasty and nice for a change.

My evening was spent watching the last episode of Innocent series 2. I then found out Good Trouble series 3 had arrived on BBC Iplayer so started getting back into that as I had been waiting for it to come out for ages!

Thursday 1st July 2021

I did not want to get out of bed this morning! After a bit of a struggle I managed to get myself out of bed and very soon after had a cups of tea in my hand!

Once I had consumed my tea and felt a little bit more awake I took Boris for a walk around the park. Half way around the walk I started to REALLY need a wee so we very quickly made our way back! I then had my breakfast, you cannot start the day without crumpets.

After breakfast I worked my way through a few start of the month admin things, such as updating my budget spreadsheet, sorting through emails, and updating my blog calendar. Once those things were dealt with I read some of my book and took a break from painting.

Before I knew it, it was time to start work which went by very quickly. Although it was a bit of a sad shift as it was the last day my team was together before being disbanded and joining our new teams on Monday. But the upside was it was our last day in work for the week so I have a long weekend ahead which I am planning to make the most of. I have a few things I want to get done but I also want to make the most of the downtime too.

Which means… I am going to spend the evening watching Good Trouble whilst Marysia plays on her game for a bit.

Friday 2nd July 2021

I was so ready to have a day off today!

Once Marysia had headed off into work I decided to get ready and take Boris out for an early morning walk it was quite a nice sunny morning although not too hot for Boris. We went to the nature trail and had a slow amble, Boris even made a friend!

Once we got back I made myself some breakfast and a cups of tea before working out what I wanted to do throughout the rest of the day.

After watching a little bit of telly and catching up with my parents after they came back from their trip away in their new caravan I decided to get on with some of the housework.

I put Smooth Radio on and cracked on with cleaning the bathroom. I cleaned the whole thing from top to bottom. I was hoping to freshen up the grout but the grout pen I had had run out so I ordered a few more so that next time I am here I can finish do it.

Cleaning the bathroom took longer than I thought it would, so once I had done that it was time to start cooking dinner ready for when Marysia got home. I tried out the air fryer for the first time to cook our chips and was really surprised by how good it was!

Saturday 3rd July 2021

When we woke up it was very rainy and miserable outside so I held out walking Boris for a bit and had breakfast and a cups of tea in the meantime. Marysia was in work for a few hours so whilst she headed out to work I got ready for the day.

It didn’t take long before the rain cleared up so Boris and I took the opportunity to go for a walk to the park and back. There was surprisingly quite a few people about for that time on a Saturday morning.

Once we got back I was struggling for motivation to get the odd bits of washing up done but I got it done and found something to put on on Netflix whilst I did a little bit more of my painting.

Once Marysia got back from work we headed out to the shops. First stop was B&M where we picked up some snacks, drinks, a new TV unit, a console table and a few decorating bits so I can freshen up the skirting boards in the bathroom. I also got a cordless screwdriver to help with putting the flatpack furniture together. The second and last stop was Lidl to get Marysia’s shopping for the week, I also had a look down the middle aisle and picked up some Coca-Cola glasses and some new tubs to store my leftovers in and all of my other ones seem to have vanished.

Once the shopping was complete we headed back and unloaded the car and put the shopping away. Once the shopping was away I put the spaghetti on for dinner and started to unbox the first of the flatpack furniture before deciding to have dinner first and then start putting the furniture together.

After we had our spaghetti Bolognese for dinner I put the console table together and then put the new TV unit together. There was only a couple of issue with them which wasn’t too bad considering what flat pack furniture can be like!

We had a quick catch up with Marysia’s parents before put the furniture in the right places and then I jumped in the shower before watching the England match.

Sunday 4th July 2021

Marysia and I had a tiny lay in the morning, and by tiny I mean we got up at 7am rather than 6am. We had our morning tea before getting dressed and I packed up the last of my stuff and packed the car. Marysia dropped me back off at mine quite early so that I could get unpacked and sorted out for the week.

Once I sorted my washing out, unpacked my clothes and some other bits I decided to head to Aldi to get some shopping for the week so I can attempt to stick at this healthy eating thing. Luckily I managed to make it there and back before the rain hit!

I quickly unpacked my shopping and sorted the stuff out in the fridge and my cupboard before trying to decided what I should tackle on my to do list first. After a little bit of procrastinating with a video call to my parents I decided the best starting point would be to get my clothes put away seeing as they were covering my bed. Then it was time to sort out my rubbish before lunch.

After lunch I applied for my student finance ready for my next module to start in October, and did a few other computer admin things before calling my Auntie Debbie for our weekly catch up.

The evening is going to be spent trying to chill out, watching some youtube, and reading before heading off to bed.

I have had such a good week with Marysia and Boris, 2 weeks until we will get to be back together! This next week is going to be a busy one as I have several appointments and am working so hopefully it goes by quite quickly!

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