July 2021 Goals Review

Back at the start of July I made 5 goals for the month which were things that I really felt that I needed to work on and or things I wanted to focus on as I felt I could push myself more in that aspect of my life.

These are the goals I set for myself:

1. Keep exercising regularly and improving diet

2. Read 2 books minimum

3. Stick to morning and evening routine

4. Drink more water

5. Stick to my budget

6. Do not buy any unnecessary things

How did I do?

Surprisingly, I actually achieved all of these goals.

Don’t get me wrong it has been a challenge at times, espececially exercising regularly and improving my diet. However I have found little ways that has made achieving each of these goals easier, for example:

Every evening I have a calendar alarm to spend an hour reading.

I removed the shopping apps from my phone to reduce the temptation of browsing and ending up buying something unnecessary

Plus I carry a water bottle everywhere I go to remind me to keep drinking water.

Now that I have completed these goals, I will be posting my August goals in a few days time!


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