August 2021 Goals

Seeing as I managed to complete all of my July 2021 goals I decided to keep the momentum going by setting some more goals for August 2021.

Here they are….

Personal Goals

Read 2 books minimum – I managed to achieve this alst month and really want to keep up with chipping away at my reading goal for the year on Goodreads so this will help me to work towards that.

Clear my desk at the end of each day – I always have a messy desk and at times it can make getting on with what I need to do hardwork. Plus dealing with the mess from the previous day the following morning can be a bit of a nightmare when you just want to get on with that days tasks.

Financial Goals

Increase supplementary income streams – I do not expect to earn hundreds or even thousands over night but it would be good to start implementing some potential ways to earn a little bit of money in addition to my salary

Do not buy unnecessary things – this worked in my favour last month and I feel like it would be good to keep it in mind going through this month too!

Health & Fitness

Take myself on a solo day out – I really enjoyed my solo trip to the museum and felt that it was good for my mental health so I would like to make time to do something similar this month

Drink more water – I started to slack a little on this last month and definitely need to make sure I stick with it

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