September 2021 Goals

I feel like I don’t really change my goals up very much, this should probably give me a little bit of a push to really focus on them and make sure I achieve them!

I am hoping that this month I am more successful with achieving my goals than I was in August!

I have 5 goals this month:

1. Read 3 books – I think this will be doable as I have been making time to read daily and have found myself getting through books quite quickly recently, I also smashed my 2 book goal in August!

2. Drink more water – I seem to neglect drinking water and have found myself opting for fizzing drinks a lot more again. I am determined to be a little more strict with myself so that I reach for my water bottle over the fizzy drinks!

3. Daily walk – this seems to have dropped off since returning back from staying at Marysia’s so I need to ensure I get up and or make time for a walk in my day. I think this is particularly important for me as my daily walk really helps my mental health.

4. Bring YouTube channel back up to date – I have neglecting my YouTube channel and it has always been one of my favourite pass times so I am aiming to bring it back to life and getting editing all of the footage I have accumulated with the intention of making videos out of.

5. Work on supplementary income streams – I have several ideas of how I could do this. They won’t make me rich but will help to add to my monthly income. I just need to put the ideas into practise.

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