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I'm a 20 something year old lesbian who is sharing her life with the internet. I am posting honestly about my thoughts, feelings and experiences. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety following being sexually abused from the age of 6 until I was 19. I hope that I can raise awareness of the challenges victims and survivors of abuse can face as well as give the world a window into my life through my videos, poetry and other posts.

Poem: My Only Love

This love is consuming me It’s creating the sinner in me Taking over my mind, body and heart When I’m with her I can’t let us be apart It’s been like this between us ever since the start She’s always been there to love and care When we’re […]

Poem: Don’t Have You

Dear Mrs Right who is obviously Mrs Wrong First up I want to say, I want my heart back because with you it doesn’t belong See I know it doesn’t matter about me and you And everything that you put me through All the lies and cheatin’ isn’t […]