Category: Poetry

Poem: A Mother’s Love

Ever since 9th November 1993You’ve been the biggest part of meGiving me memories that I’ll treasureSurrounding me in a love that will last forever You were there for my first wordBy my side whenever a problem occurredTaught me to walkAnd held me when I couldn’t find the words […]

Poem: She’s The One

She’s the one I turn toShe’s the one whoPicked up the pieces of my broken heartShe’s the one who hasn’t given up from the very start She’s the tattoo on my armShe’s the one who protects me from harmShe’s the one who taught me to trustShe’s the one […]

Poem: The Year

2012 is the year things would change2012 is the year things did changeThe year I realised I couldn’t hold these feelings inThe year I decided I needed to fight the demons I held in 2012 I told my story once2012 I told my story twiceThe year I knew […]

Poem: Slowly

One day I will be freeFrom the horrible memories you have forced upon meSlowly I am getting thereSlowly my mind is learning not to careAbout a secret I was once to scared to share You may think I have come along wayBut my mind often likes to strayLike […]