Tag: Crime

Film Review: Trial By Fire (2018)

Trailer Storyline The tragic and controversial story of Cameron Todd Willingham, who was executed in Texas for killing his three children after scientific evidence and expert testimony that bolstered his claims of innocence were suppressed. (IMDb) Trial By Fire is a 2 hour 7 minute drama based upon […]

Poem: Setting The Scene

Laying on the roundLooking so peacefulThe scene around you devastatingFlashing lights, sirens, bloodEverything is done for a reasonWhat reason is good enough for this? Would you want to live again?If there was an end like thisWould you be the victim?Living in a new spaceI’d be happy to take […]

Poem: Nothing But Perfection

Let’s make a decisionA fatal incisionLove or hate,Whatever it must be fateCome in closerI’m not a poserI want the best,Won’t settle for anything lessLove me or hate meI’m all that you can see,And everything I want to beNothing but perfection,God’s own selectionYou might be standing tallBut who’s going […]

Poem: Not Ready To Leave

Staring at my beating heartI’m not ready to leaveNot yetSharp and so powerfulPlunging deepI’m not ready to leaveNot yetYou were just a strangerEyes filled with dangerSo forceful, you’ll never be remorsefulI’m not ready to leaveNot yetMaybe this is my endA kitchen utensilTaken all chanceFor a happy endingI wasn’t […]